Hello world!

I have a common question to ask, that maybe you’ve already got this before.
Are you a cat person or a dog person?

I have a bunch of friends that are cat person and dog person.
While me, mostly a dog person.
Not a human with dog or cat behavior, but a person who’s loving cat or dog as their pet or interest animal.


My friends have this cats, whether is a stray or pet animals.
I don’t know why, but he and she just love cat.
While me, I’m not that good handling that animal.

For example,
When we’re going to have a dinner or just hanging in their house,
and all of sudden a cat or a bunch of cat appear,
They just run towards it, cuddling it and talking to them like a baby.
Even a random cat or stray cat.

I mean, what’s the point of that?
Not just cuddling, they ever hand it over to me or my another friend and I really hate it.
Sometimes I yell at the cat (and I’m the crazy one here) or kick it or do whatever it takes to make the cat not come around me.

I’m not allergic or scare,
I just don’t like the way cat look at me,
They have this kind of staring and it is very creepy for me.

How about DOG?

I do love dog.
Even when I was a little around 7 or 8, I used to had 2 dogs.
Well, me and my sister had one for each other.
But our dad wasn’t a pet person.
Micky and Minnie (the dog’s name) stay with us only for 5 month, cause my dad gave it to his friend.
and after that, we never had a pet.

My grandmother have 2 dogs, my cousin Pieter have 4 dogs and more (cause the dog always laboring) and it is great.
Well, even I’m a dog person, I hate my grandma’s dog.
Because everytime I visit the house, the dog would bark and bite me.
And that’s not a good bite, I’m pretty sure they hate me.

From a little kid, I love and I wish to have a wolf or a dog with that look which is a Siberian Husky.
Cause their eyes are cool and very great.
But, since I always watch YouTube, Pug is unique and cute in their way.
I love to have Pug as well.

So, what kind of person are you?

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