Here’s the thing, people like spread the wrong words with big enthusiastic, a big headlines, and put some dramatic pictures as a show.
Ironically, people like to see and read it and put a lot of interest to that words and knowing nothing if it’s true or hoax.
No reliable sources or facts or the identity of writer in it, and they like to assume if it is true and everyone is a journalist.
They write like a pro and in this digital era, Facebook with a lot of users are the great idea to spread that words.

What kind of words?

It’s an agenda, a political’s game, an ideology, or even worst.
They like to play with all the readers with their agenda.


Because it is so much easier to sway them with Facebook. They just need to write it on Facebook status or blog and then linked it to Facebook, and everyone see it, like it, read it, share it and then become viral.

Politics, Religion, Races, Ethnicity, Gender, and Culture are the most sensitive topics to talk about and for some people who’s having an agenda, that’s the best bullet to shoot on people.

Look at America now.
It said, “the land of opportunity”.
Donald J. Trump is their 45th president and people get mess out there. Demonstration from Anti-Trump keep going cause they are afraid of his idea to America.
Since, he ever said about ‘things’, before he become a president and now he did.

While, we, us, Indonesia.
Our tagline is “Bhinekka Tunggal Ika”.
But what happened?

A provocative news flashing in to your Facebook home, you’ve got moved by it and so stupidly act like you care but you are not. You are just played by people with agenda.

Why religion is so important to you if it asking you to killed or put a damn bomb people you don’t know cause they have different religion from you?
That just a damn reason to make you like a God’s children?

The answer is NEVER and WRONG.

God never asking people to kill people, except you meet the God face to face, have a sip of tea or coffee and talk to Him directly.

Some people here like to killing people with the name of religion which is a provocative act to others people and then they killing each other for their religion.

One thing I know,
There’s no such a bad religion in this world, even for an atheist. Atheist is a belief, like we believe there is a good and bad, right and wrong, hell and heaven.

When a religion teach you how to murder or put a vest with a bomb, that is a RADICAL RELIGION.
Not a Muslim!
Not a Jewish!
Not a Catholic!
Not a Hindu!
Not a Buddha!
Not a Christian!

It is a RADICAL RELIGION with a mask!

Muslim never teach you how to killing or put a bomb right?
Jewish never teach you how to shoot people right?
Buddha and Hindu never teach you how to slaughter an animal right?
Catholic and Christian never teach you how to revenge the enemy right?
Cause it is true religion not RADICAL.

For some reason, people still mistaken the radical religion with a stereotype and call it Muslim when it comes to a terrorist or a boom.
Or that is a Catholic or Christian when it comes to a war in Israel and Palestine.

You know what?

We are being educated for about 9 years in school about being tolerance and respect or embrace the different, literally a whole damn life we learning about that, but people don’t get it and too much busy with a whole hoax.

So keep suck it if you just want to tear this whole damn world and being so superior with the name of your religion.

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