I still remember when becoming a fresh student in university. It was back in 2012, or more detailed, September 3rd 2012. As a fresh man, you know no one and what kind of life would you have in university. Some people said, that’s the freedom and entering the adult’s world. While some people thinking that university is just the same with high school, except you live without your parents ruling you.


Three and a half year later, or just said March 16th 2016, I got my bachelor degree. It was thrilled, happy, sad, anxious, and every emotions mixing. I never expected my research and proposal was a successful and I got an A for that.


A year later, I officially graduated from university. It was January 11th 2017.
The burden and proud is on me. Becoming the first one who’s graduated from university in my family is a thing.

After Graduation?

We never know how’s the real life knocking you down so hard with every reality. It was different than what you’ve imagined. Teacher, Professor, parents always said that your life would change with education. It is.


But, how you’ve managed it and change it?
That’s a mystery you need to solve.

Lastly, I just wanna say be proud and keep walking.
Everyone have their own way to lead!

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