It’s been a while since I write something here.
Last time I checked, I still furious, excited, and so following the rules.
But now, I’m just too whatever.

What happened in March?

March is like a month that I try to like but my heart isn’t connect with it.
I just can’t ignore March, because you need to past it to April and then to another months.

What happened with other months?

I love June, July obviously, August, October and December.
Obviously I’m in Summer and Winter mood.
Long weekend, holiday season, beaches, trick or treat, and pub are the best in that months.

Is it weird to talk about months is all of sudden?

I guess so.
Who knows? Maybe out there, there’s a person just like me and talking about this stuff in internet.
Probably as human, we like to do something weird and call it as a hobby or ‘new thing’.

It’s my ‘new thing’ and see you with another post.

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