Being alone isn’t my first time.
A whole life (mostly), I’ve been living from here and there.
Even with a bunch of relatives or some apprentices, it’s no help for it.

I was having this ‘fine moment’ when I living in Jakarta for about 4 years alone.
It was because of university related that allow me live my life like I want.
In that period of time, I was happy living in the way I want it, have some friends and even I’m so discreet about anything.
I feel like I’m the mysterious one in the group, but yet I could come open when I need to.

That life I’ve been through was fun, but the thing is I get financial support from my parent.
At the age of 18 till 21, still receiving money from your parent is a burden, heart broken, sad, and embarrassing for me.
It’s not because I can’t make money by getting a part time, but the time isn’t right.

After that period of time when I make my own money, get a job, I feel more relieved.
I can buy anything I want and nothing worry me, except what kind of future I’m gonna living.

I get a job, make my own money, but living miles away from my comfort zone, is a little bit challenging.
I have no friends, a bunch of hypocrite co-workers, and a really living by my own.
It’s not like Jakarta where you worry nothing about your social life, but in here I’m so introvert.
Locked by my own awkwardness and hatred.

Note for that, I’m not that depressed just need a stress relieved called days off for traveling 🙂

Lastly, see you with another post!

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