Hello world!
This lately, I’ve been caught up with my schedule and that’s why I’m posting everything so randomly.
Speaking of mess, last night I just read a news and London had been attacked. I feel sorry for the victims and the family, may them rest in peace.

Time by time, I’ve been living in Poi Pet city for about 5 or 6 month already!
Even I lived in here for that time, I still unfamiliar with everything around me, especially when I exploring or walk to the traditional market.

It just a small city, but I haven’t going around yet. Possibly because I’m too lazy to go out and have no time and no vehicle or to summarize I’m lazy.

image8But, I know this place where sometimes I spend my time enjoying my leisure and feel free.
This place called Wayang Restaurant, Indonesian cuisine is served in here and based on the name ‘Wayang’, Javanese and Balinese cuisine are in it.

I never know who is the owner (like from where or what nationality), but the one who cook the food are Indonesian. While the others are Cambodian.

Sate Ayam
Bihun Kari Ayam
Sate Ayam

One favorite food I really like in here is the dessert.
Doesn’t mean that the appetizer and main course aren’t great, but it just not my style. But, if I have to recommend Nasi Uduk and Tahu Gulung are the best.

Nasi Uduk
This is a dish for spicy lover! Tahu Gulung!

Every tongue have their own preference, so for the dessert I always choose a pudding. Since I don’t like coconut, I either choose strawberry pudding or mango pudding (based on my mood). I do like sweet and sour taste, than sweet only.

Strawberry Pudding
Mango Pudding

So, if you’re stuck in Poi Pet city for a day and want to have a nice place to eat, Wayang Restaurant could be the place. Near Wayang Restaurant, there are also Steak restaurant, Sushi, Chinese Restaurant, and night club!

See ya with another post! 🙂

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