Apparently woman is not the only one with hormonal problem causing by aging. Or perhaps we commonly known as menopause. But man does have it too. The hormonal problem that happened to man called andropause or male menopause.

Same but different, woman reach their menopause at their limitation number of age, but for man it refers to their decreased levels of testosterone.

Normally testosterone will gradually decreased when man reaching the age of 40 or above. The highest production of testosterone is when a man were in their 20-30. They are sexually active and looking good.


If menopause on woman is caused by the estrogen can’t be produced anymore, the decreased levels of testosterone takes place in a slow process. Just like personality, andropause symptoms are different for every person.

Man who has difficulty with erection, sexually inactive or decreased, get tired easily, including gaining weight to obesity or distended stomach at the age of 40 and above, need to be checked the levels of testosterone. By that people could know if men are in their andropause or not.


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