Men’s Tropical Fashion and Grooming!

As an amateur or a person who’s knew fashion and grooming world so little, I have an interesting and question about it.
The question is what kind of clothes you’ll find great?
Is it the fabric? Or the brand? or just you want to wear it because it’s comfortable to wear?

Fashion and grooming mostly known as woman’s thing, but these days guys catch it up. So ladies, no more underestimate on how’s men wearing his clothes ๐Ÿ™‚
The luxury of wearing a great clothe is like everyone dreams.
As the matter of fact, what type of clothe you like to wear and suit you well?
These 2 guys would show you how.

Casual T-Shirt, Long Sleeves Jumper, and Bomber Jacket

If you’re living in tropical country like me ( The perks of Southeast Asia citizen), casual t-shirt is like our favorite everyday clothes or even an OOTD. But to wear a long sleeves jumper or even a bomber jacket, people would asking you if you’re ok? Or are you feeling cold?


Since living in tropical area, all we thought are beaches, sun shine and everything fun that we could do in Summer. So it’s kinda complicated to wear that kind of clothes in hot weather.

"ugh that matches my jacket i neeeeed a photo"

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Personally, my fashion’s style goes to jumper and shorts. Because, with jumper my shoulders look more broad and I often combined it with shorts. People said that wearing long high waist jeans could make you look tall, but I have a different theory for that. Showing your legs and wear a shorts as high as thigh, definitely make me look tall.

Thinking about the next vaca with my latte. ๐Ÿ™„@ritzcarlton | #RCMemories |

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But to be honest, fashion is about confidence.
The less confidence you are, no matter what highly price or brand you’re wearing, it will look terrible and need some help.

You know Connor Franta (so do I), a Youtuber, An Author and also Social Media Influencer of LGBT+Q. His style of fashion always fascinating me and inspired me. Simple thing, his Instagram account show it that he always wearing Jumper or Bomber Jacket (which is very good).

If you ask why? He lived in California where the sun always shine and basically hot. But, he pulled it off with his style of fashion. Wear what you like and be confident about it.
Just in case you don’t know what I say, here’s the picture!

i love my yellow jacket

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1 second later a person walked in

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A post shared by connor franta (@connorfranta) on

i could get used to this

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Shirts, Sleeveless, Beachwear!

Hola! Beach’s lover! This is like the most comfortable wear of every time. Even you could sleep with this clothes. This is very suitable when you’re living in tropical country. But, the cost of showing your skin too much probably sunburn and getting tanned (if you’re lucky enough).

"Pot head" ๐ŸŒต| #menstyleguide

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Gregory Tinari, a Fashion Grooming and Men’s Style Guide founder is like living in everyone dream. He’s very good with mix and match with this type of clothes and it’s perfectly fine because damn looking good on him.

Just in case you’re new to him, here’s how he create his fashion creation on his body!

Throwing shade ๐ŸŒด @rwmayakoba

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Places I'd rather be. ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ„๐Ÿป Pt. 5 | #MenStyleGuide |

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Stripes on stripes. ๐Ÿ•ถ

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You’re already looking good with what you’re wearing now. Just a little touch with Confident!

While Shoes, Hat, Sunglasses, Watch and Backpack are just accesories to complete it.

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