Worth It? and LIT!


An important nutrition or energy for what every living things in this world.
An essence or whatever we could could it as important and we need it to live.
Me being me, I was sitting for some ‘breakfast at midnight‘ and it was at my none other than favorite restaurant in here.

Looking at the menu order, they change the book cover and all in it, including adding new recipes. So, as one of a person who’s falling in love with food, I did order new menu as my first taste.
And of course, since I always eat there I never forget my dessert.
But, like I said no matter what occasional I ordered Mango or Strawberry Pudding as my dessert, I’d love to try new thing that night. So I did.

There’s fried chicken with butter sauce I ordered.

Fried Chicken with Butter Sauce

As you could see, there’s a lot of mayo as it sauce and of course mixed well with butter.
For people who don’t like mayo and salty flavor, this is not your thing.
But, lucky me it taste like what I like.

I mean, it taste great. Even my co-workers don’t like it. They hate the sauce but love the crispy chicken.
Well, nothing wrong since every tongue have their own preferences.

But the thing is, there’s a little slice of carrot and when I taste it, slightly ruin the great of mayo!
Enough with salty butter, just don’t put a pickle especially carrot in their.
Just don’t.

While to wash it down, there’s a fruit salad I looking for.

Tropical Fruit Salad

The plating looks great with a slice of dragon fruit, mango, pineapple and a red fruit I don’t know.
Everything is just mixed with tropical fruits.

Just like another salad, salad is just a salad taste I guess. Nothing more, nothing less, just salad.

So on the other day, I went to a Vegas’s foodcourt (A casino called Vegas not a really Las Vegas), and it was another ‘breakfast at midnight‘.
Normally, you’ll get to choose a lot of variant food they served, but since me being me, I went there at midnight.

Not a lot to offer, but I ordered classic noodle soup and a pork chop (?) with teriyakki sauce I believed.

Classic Noodle Soup
Pork Chop with Teriyakki Sauce

It taste like totally worth it and LIT AF!
I guess, that’s it for this post and lastly to say Happy Easter! 🙂


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