Komodo Trip; Check and Bye!

Getting ready at 6am, packing stuff and get breakfast at 7am straight.
Last day in a lovely homestay and feeling bonded by something unforgettable in there.
Waiting for out tour guide for about an hour and half, we finally saying goodbye to the owner of homestay and heading to the boat.

First stop is Pink Beach (The actual Pink Beach)
Arriving there at around 9am and it’s very hot and incredible.
To be honest I don’t find it that pink, but the water is very clear and the coral reef is looking perfect!
Many tourists go for snorkeling. I was tempted, but I’m too good to get wet in the morning (typical night person).

Before heading to Takka Makassar, we stopped at Manta Point once again, because the water looking friendly (according to the tour guide) and not so much wave.
My fellow backpackers spot 2 manta ray and jumping down to the water. I was too late to see the manta ray, but at least I saw 5 in our first day!

Takka Makassar is a bit cool, but hot (the views, and the weather)!
Sun block and mineral water are absolutly your best friends!
It’s not in Bahamas or Maldives, but it is Takka Makassar!

Same vibe different feeling.

When you snorkeling down there, a very white fishes staying there and just watching you.
They were camouflage with the sand. Only their yellow-black-ish eyes that we could see.

Kelor Island is a little bit like Gili Lawa, but more smaller and much cleaner! Also it only takes 30 minutes from Labuan Bajo to Kelor Island which makes our trip coming close.
People do Kayaking, snorkeling and even playing Banana Boat in there.

For 3 days and 2 nights, I’m already falling by Komodo Island!
It was in my bucket list before, now what next?

See ya with another post! xoxo

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