Tips and Budget! Komodo Edition!


How to survive for 5 days and 4 nights in Labuan bajo and Komodo Island!

1. Flight! (Bali – Labuan Bajo)
I got it wrong, where I booked my flight on Holiday season (which is very expensive in Indonesia). Back and forth is about 1,7 IDR!
The normal price for Bali – Labuan Bajo is about 400 IDR or about 800 IDR for back and forth.

2. Airport to Hostel!
I ride Ojek (Indonesia’s kind of public transportation which is a motor-taxi). They offer for 25 IDR, but just bargain it down till 15 IDR (It depends on where you stay. The further, the higher you’ll get).

3. Hostel/ Hotel/ Home Stay!
I choose Bajo Nature Backpacker Hostel before and it cost 100 IDR/ night which is very worth it. The receptionist is nice and a lot of backpacker stay there.

Ciao Hostel is uphill with Labuan Bajo’s harbor as it’s views. More pricey but worth it if you want a breakfast with a views! They also have a free airport shuttle as their facility.

4. The Tour!
You could book the Komodo Tour or Overland Tour at the receptionist in every hotel you’re staying, and they charge you with a good price.
Or you could go straight to the harbor, find the boat ask the local and start the bargain.

5. Komodo and Souvenirs!
Skipping the Komodo part, souvenirs and gifts are highly expensive, so the skill of bargain is very useful in this area.
The seller will always following you and offering you, aggressively than a komodo dragon.

I spent around 3,5 IDR for 5 days and 4 night in Labuan Bajo and Komodo area! (airport, komodo tour and hostel included)

The food is quite expensive, so if you have a friend or make friends in there, sharing your pay (eating near the harbor for fresh seafood) is a big choice for you to saving you money.

There is is!
A little tips and budget for Komodo trip!

See ya with another post and happy traveling!

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