Nusa Penida Adventure!

Back from Labuan Bajo and stay one night in Bali feels quite uptight for me to continuing to another destination.

Mt. Rinjani in Lombok
Mt. Tambora  Sumbawa Island!

Less than 24 hours before heading to Nusa Penida!

I’m pretty sure I was already tanned. Like literally, getting darker not chocolate or something you could proud off.
Thanks to sunburn (well I mention it in every post and vlog), I need at least 2 month to get to normal me)
And YAS! mostly my face!

Heading to Sanur at 9am and it was a very last call for me and my sister!
The boat almost take off and 5 minutes really save us from getting left behind.
We made it and paid for 150.000 rupiah for 2 passengers. And Yes, I have company which is my sister!

NB: Just found out that between local and foreigner the price is highly different. We took Meranti fast boat.

The fast boat only takes 30-45 minutes to cross to the island.
It was rough, with a little rain drops and high tides smashing the boat.
Thanks God! We made it to the island!

Arriving there, we’re looking for transportation to get us to the b&b I’ve booked before.

We decided to rent a motorbike for 2 days. The owner would offering you you with a very high price, so you need to lower it down for sure.
Since it was raining and we’re starving and tired, so we just agreed for 75.000 rupiah/ day (which is normal) and rushed off to the b&b, where the stories begin!

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