Get Wet and Get Lost!

Rain is like a true friend that would accompany you wherever you go.

Snorkeling was fun, but not so beauty like places I’ve ever had before. Except I have a big adrenaline to swim over far and deep away with a big waves keep coming.
While on our way to Klingking beach, we got lost and got wet because of the rain.
No raincoat, and the bad wasn’t over yet where the road surprised us with awful and dangerous apperance.

Asking a lot of locals and yes we still got lost.

Pantai Batu Cincin or Ring Stone Beach (as translated to english), become the first one to visit after a long soaked trip. The cliff were pretty high, which mean a very stupid way to die if you’re not careful!
Plus, there’s no one there! A very quiet place!



From there, we’re heading to Broken Beach and Angel’s Billabong.
Met these couple who also got lost and heading to the same destinations!
We lead the way and parted, because they stop for a lunch.

Another awful road to Broken Beach and Angel’s Billabong that make these two tourists saying, “What the fuck?”
We met these tourists on our way and decided went together. They’re very cool and just a cool girls from US (judging from the accent).


Crystal Bay is another beach where you could swim and snorkeling freely. I wasn’t tempted to get wet because of terrible hungry I’m. So, just sit there, enjoying the views for 30 minutes and decided to go back to the b&b.

Mostly we spent our times on the road and got lost. It was fun though, met another tourists and share information about why and how to get there.
And because of that, I can’t take much pictures! (Phone = GPS).

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