6 Hours Transfer at KLIA!

Hello, world!

What is the great and or the worst thing about traveling?

Yeah, that is the most horrifying one.

But there are another 2 that really intriguing me so much;
– Long flight
– Long transfer

Both of them are very much the same, except one is on the air while the other one just stays still on the ground with gravity.

About a year ago, I landed on Kuala Lumpur at 12AM from Siem Reap, and the very first flight (my flight) is 7.30AM with a little money like 42 RM in my wallet.

Yes, that was my money when the last time I went to Kuala Lumpur with my friends in 2015.

The thought of going back to Kuala Lumpur is fr from my head, which makes me too lazy to change the currency. With this limited budget, for sure could serve you a cheeseburger and a glass of Starbucks.

A lot of travelers were crashing around the empty spot or in front of the closed shops or restaurant’s sofa.

Can’t describe how it feels, but I’m trapped in between oversleep and can’t sleep at all. What could I say? Traveling sometimes a pain in the arse, but the price for it is worth it.

As an amateur traveler that always wearing pajamas (don’t judge me, I just like to take a night flight!), I make my own self-busy as possible as I can.

So, what would you do if you are having a long transfer or long flight? See ya with the anoher post!

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