March: Men’s Fashion Haul!

Hello, world!

As my orders came like a month ago, I was thinking to post a fashion haul in this blog and yes, I did post it a lot on my Instagram account. Not much but just a glimpse of it, and here they are!

Brand: Dark Icon
Type: Flannel, Streetwear
Price: $28.40
It is super comfy and if you are into streetwear, this is a flannel you must have. I bought it from AliExpress and it cost me $28.40 with free shipping. Dark Icon has a lot of streetwear you want to own!


Brand: Dexter
Type: Casual Shoes
Price: $54.00
Every time I buy a shoe, it should be casual and comfortable to wear. I have this kind of trauma to wear heavy shoes like panel or a casual shoes that hurt my feet. I’d rather wear a slipper than shoes. But this one really treat my feet well and looking good enough!

Brand: Urbanstate
Type: Men Sunglass
Price: $35.00
I had a sunglass once, and it broke into pieces when I went to Komodo Island. Urbanstate really caught my attention with their product. I don’t know how to describe it, it is very my type and the packaging is great! Check out their stuff on Instagram here for Urbanstate!


Brand: Oxfoord
Type: Striped T-shirt
Price: $25.00
For months I was obsessed with a striped shirt and finally, I own it! I never wear it to the public yet, but gonna rock it for sure when the time has come :p Check out their stuff on the website here for Oxfoord!

Actually, I still have 2 bags and 1 jumper, but I’m gonna keep it on my Instagram post instead I guess.

There it is, my kind of clothing style preferences. What about yours?

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