Sleep in 5 Stars Hotel, Mandarin Oriental Jakarta!

Hello, world!

Everyone has a little dream to experience sleeping in 5 stars hotel. Let me correct, not everyone but some people must have. So do I.

What if I said, I did checked-in at 5 stars hotel and experienced the room and services?

Mandarin Oriental Jakarta Hotel.

Hello Grand Hyatt & Hotel Indonesia!

Am I sleeping in Deluxe or Standard Room?
The answer is NO!

I did sleep in Oriental Suite Room!

Try to get more luxury, but this room is fancy enough 1 step before President Suite, which I can’t afford it.

Wait? Oriental Suite Room is cheap?


I booked it via Agoda and got some I don’t know, a big discount and viola, I was there for a night! Just a night.

What do I expect from MO Hotel Jakarta is a big pool and nice club, but unfortunately, the pool is very tiny and can’t get enough to enjoy myself.

DSC00075DSC00141Nightclub and restaurant are good, the atmosphere is an elegant and typical nightclub with high society level (as described on daily tv).

Back to the Oriental Suite Room, what was inside the room;
– 1 master bedroom
– kitchen
– mini bar
– big closet
– 2 toilet (a huge one in master bedroom and a small one in living room)
– workspace (desk and chair)
– big living room
– a cute chocolate compliment


I must say, I got the best views and what I love the most from my room is the toilet. Nothing less and nothing more, just filled with a shower in the shower room, a toilet area in the toilet room and a bath up.


Would I check-in again in MO Hotel Jakarta?

Probably not, but to trying the other facility is big yes.

So, see ya with another post!

By the way, here are some videos you could check since I vlog it! (It’s in Indonesian :p)


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