What I Wear for Vacation?

Hello world!

It’s been a while and I’m doing fine.

Lately, I just went for a holiday with my friends and again Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur become our choices.

It was fun, hectic, stressful, addictive, and euphoria.

Rather than telling about my holiday, here I am writing this post with a passion and thinking hard.

Judge my vacation style!

1. Airport Fashion (Jakarta Edition)

Night flight always become my friend, since I don’t need anything fancy to wear. All I need is long pants or pajama pants and a sleeveless! The shoes make it greater even I do really want to wear a slipper!

2. Beach Outfit
All you need is shorts and sleeveless shirt! Slipper and sun lotion are important additions to it! Trust me, it works every time! Plus, don’t forget your sunglass!

3. City Boy (Bangkok Edition)

Stripped shirt and black long pants!
Well, match it with denim backpack and denim shoes!
Actually, I’m dying to wear shorts since Bangkok is really hot. But, temples and the palace force me to wear this kind of clothes.

4. Airport Fashion (Bangkok Edition)

A reverse from a night flight, this early flight make me wear very nicely. Almost like number 3. Only I cope it with a jacket and different backpack.

5. City Boy (Kuala Lumpur Edition)

I feel like a Spongebob Squarepants!
Fully yellow from shirts to slipper!
That shirt really touches my heart very light and I bought it in Bangkok! Overall, it was a great choice to wear in Southeast Asia climate!

And here we are at the end of the topic, see ya with another post!

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