A Day in Bangkok!

Hello, world!

Bangkok, the city of angels of you know just a land of smile. A very traditional yet modern city that keeps calling you to come over and over again.

What did I do when I was there?

A lot!

One particular thing I wanna share is a day tour in Bangkok with a theme called “Spiritual Day Tour“.

Grand Palace
Staying near Nana BTS Station or Sukhumvit area, kind of hustle and crowded. But the upside of that is the access to going somewhere is easy and accessible.


Riding a BTS from Nana station to Saphan Taksin station and then straight to Sathorn Pier to wait for a boat. Actually, you could go to Grand Palace and another area via overland which is a taxi, but by boat much better. No traffic and you could enjoying so many views.

One thing to remember, take an orange flag or green flag which is for local and yes it has a long line and cheaper than tourist boat.

From Sathorn Pier you stop at Tha Chang or N9 and just following the path, Grand Palace is there.

Wat Pho
Before to Grand Palace, actually, you could stop at Tha Thien or N8, but it is up to you, which place you want to visit first. As my preference, I like to go to further place first and then just going to near one. Wat Pho is across the Grand Palace, so after you visit Grand Palace, you could just go there by walking to save your money.

Wat Arun
Across to Wat Pho is Wat Arun or Temple of Dawn. It isn’t across the street but across the river. Which mean to go there you need to take a boat again from N8 (if you start it from Wat Pho) and with 3 baht it will take you to Wat Pho.

As a note, if you take it from Tha Chang or N9 to Wat Arun, they will charge you 14 baht.

Asiatique The Riverfront
It is a mall by the river. To visit this place, you could take a shuttle boat provided by Asiatique. But it only starts to operate from 4 pm till 10 pm.


To going there, you need back to Sathorn Pier and find a line to Asiatique (it is very convenient and written clearly at the sign).

There is a day in Bangkok with “Spiritual Day Tour” from me. As I recommend to visit the Grand Palace and the temples by morning since the sun is very hot and you do need a sunscreen and a bottle of water.

After visiting the temples, you could back to Sathorn Pier and walking for 10 minutes by walk to a small mall to grab a lunch or just wandering and enjoying free air conditioner.

Strolling till 4 pm or more, straight to Sathorn Pier and heading to Asiatique The Riverfront to enjoying another Bangkok’s river view.

See ya with another post!

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  1. Howtotuts says:

    Thank for your awesome post. Love to read more from this Blog. Also do you allow guest posting?


    1. Hello Yoggi says:

      I’m very open about guest posting, it might be great and you could send it via email and I’ll let you know for more details 🙂


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