Asian’s French Village: Colmar Tropicale!

Hello, world!

Starting from Instagram and googling, this place takes me to another level of curiosity. After 2 chances and failed to going there, I finally made it!

French Village in Kuala Lumpur or mostly known as Colmar Tropicale!

It takes a lot of ‘hard work’ to going there. I did put it on my bucket list when I visit Kuala Lumpur again and did searching more information through the blog I read about how to get there and what kind of expense that I need to pay.



Colmar Tropicale is part of Berjaya Times resort which you could buy the tour ticket at Berjaya Times Square Mall, 8th floor. It’s hidden but you’ll get to notice it easily with posters of Colmar Tropicale.

It was about 1,5 or 2 hours from the city and located in the hills area (I assume) or something like that. From outside it looks like Beast’s castle in Beauty & The Beast, but once you’ll get closer to it, it just the same castle as another attraction castle.


To get to this place you have 2 options;
1. buy a tour ticket in Berjaya Times Square
You’ll follow the tour and it is about 65 – 70 RM (I forget the exact charges).
You’ll go in a minivan and not only go to Colmar Tropicale, but you’ll also get a chance to Japanese Botanical Garden. And since it is a day tour, you’ll need to follow every schedule has made by your own self (you buy to go and forth ticket in advance) for to back to the city again.


One thing you need to know that, the ticket reservation can’t do on the spot and offline, which you need to buy it a day before your departure.

2. Grab car or Taxi
We were eager to go with a minivan, but unfortunately, the ticket counter in Berjaya Times Square isn’t open on Monday.
Finally, we went there via Grab car and it was actually pretty cheap about 120 RM plus toll excludes entrance ticket 15 RM/ person. And that 120 RM is divided by 5 people since we are in a group of 5 people.DSC00668

The negative part of using Grab car is that once you’re in Colmar, you need to book another one to go back to the city and it is hard to find one since the place is hidden.
One tip for that is you start to go to the hotel (inside Colmar Tropicale) to book for a minivan ticket (not recommended since the chances to use minivan is small), or you could ask the Grab car driver waiting for you and make an offer for it.
Most Grab car or Taxi driver in there are willing to do that as long as the offer is good or you don’t make them wait more than 2 hours.

What’s in Colmar Tropicale?

I have never been to the French or French village, but I did watch how French look like in tv or the internet, the design and architecture look exactly like French village. Unfortunately, it is too small even the town hall is pretty limited as I said.



But, it has a delicious pizza! They have this restaurant across the hotel and it was worth it.

We do take a lot of pictures in Colmar Tropicale and didn’t go to Japanese Garden since we’re agreed to back to the city immediately. I must say, the place is Intagramable.

See ya with another post!

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