Real Life Roller Coaster: Eruption of Anak Krakatoa!

Hello, world!

Gone for 2 months and here I am writing this words while listening to Imagine Dragon – Thunder

A few days ago I went to one of my Indonesia bucket lists and it was pretty wild.


You might or might not hear about this historical volcano ages ago. As Wikipedia said that this volcano has the most violent volcanic events in recorded history in 1883.

I do hear this kind of history since I was in high school. As much as I don’t pay attention to the class, this particular documentary, and film about Krakatoa always fascinating and makes me think what happened in the past was awful but at the same time, I was curious about this mountain.

A long short story, I went to Krakatoa a week ago and it was a rollercoaster. Just for you to know, the volcano already inactive and the eruption from years ago created a new volcano called Anak Krakatoa or (Krakatoa Child), basically right across the Krakatoa.

From Jakarta to Krakatoa, all you need is taking a bus to Merak harbor and continue with ferry boat to Lampung, Bakauheni harbor.

How long?

6 hours more or less.

Arriving Bakauheni harbor, take another transportation to a little harbor which I forget the name and then take a little boat to Pulau Sebesi as we lived there for 2 nights.

From Pulau Sebesi to Krakatoa is 45 minutes by boat and even from Sebesi, you could see Krakatoa island and Anak Krakatoa.

14th of July…

We wake up around 4 AM to get ready and things happened.
The waves were extremely dangerous, all of sudden getting high and the tides keep you thinking to sail or not. As our guide finally decided to pending our trip 1 hour behind the schedule.

Around 5 AM we start getting our self to the boat. No one allowed standing or taking place outside the boat. The waves were pretty mad and there was a moment where the crew gave us life jacket just in case something happened. A real-life roller coaster that could take your life for a second.

Yes, I threw up like a lot. Between worrying about my life and getting full seasick, I’m too distracted by finding near the window and throwing up.

From 45 minutes journey to 1 hour, we finally docked to Anak Krakatoa. Before we went here, there is a news about the eruption and Anak Krakatoa being active, but we kinda ignore it.

3 minutes after we docked, we heard the eruption from Anak Krakatoa and everyone was totally panicked and get back to the boat. It was hilarious, terrifying, and everything you’ll never imagined.

We docked back to the ocean, floating between Krakatoa and Anak Krakatoa while witnessing volcano eruption in real life. It was pretty awesome and hot by the heat.

Is it disappointing not to hike the Anak Krakatoa or Krakatoa?

I might say not, but the disappointing part was being ultimately seasick and not getting snorkeling!
But you know what, every trip has its own experience and my experience was holding something around me very hard to keep me safe and not bounce out from the window to the ocean.

Maybe, see ya with another post!

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