Growing Old; Adulting!

Life after 22!

Adulting is such a word with complicated meaning in life. As much as you grow as an adult now, welcoming another age with still the same responsibility as paying bills, taxes, and stuff.

Nothing changes much, except you get more responsible and need a 1 day off and laying on your safety area; bed and a glass of beer enjoying the movie marathon.

It feels sureal to see yourself like 10 years ago you really wanted to get out from being a teenager and now you are wishing for never growing up as teenager and feel bad.

As much as you have the benefit of being an adult, life never makes it easier. The only benefit you could get from being an adult is that you could buy alcohol without people make a face to you or getting laid.

Sometimes you have this thought of, “what’s missing?

We never know what is missing in our life until we have that moment of redemption or regret.

So what is the best of growing old?

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