Identity in a Globalized World: How to Promote a Harmonized Society

Hijab: Fashion Trends of Muslim’s Woman Identity

Self-identity is one of an important part of every human’s life. It’s different from daily activity, such as wake up, have some breakfast, get some rest or any other else that people usually do. Self-identity is a character-building for a human. In that process of character building, habit and how are people thinking is different. It depends on which family or society they live or interact with. Self-identity could know with how someone watching their self in someone else, which is caused the character and their mind pattern were shaping and changes, even it was according to what they want to changes or from people’s perspective.

Generally, self-identity was influenced by a culture that everyone has since they were born. These things become a characteristic or features of the culture itself. When people do a conversation with other people, someone has this physically descriptive and idea from their culture they brought with consciously or not. Interacting with another people from another different culture actually could help people to understand another culture and for the benefit, it could introduce a new identity to those people. Which mean, they share their own story by gaining a piece of information about people’s identity or culture as much as they thought it’s enough to know something from another perspective.

In addition to interacting, of course, people would use a verbal language and nonverbal language as part of the conversation. Despite using verbal language, nonverbal language is more important than it’s function. It helps in explaining something with more details, such as doing some gestures and voice imitation. By that, people do know some symbol from gesture’s part of the nonverbal language. That symbol could be a thing or something people couldn’t see but people could describe. For example, we knew that Sweets is sweet. Sweet is a thing (symbol as a thing) and sweet is a symbol that we couldn’t see. A very different way to say it as a meaning of something since it just a word, not words or sentence.

Speaking of symbol and identity, there’s one identity from once glance we could tell who or what are they. When people see a woman wearing a long shirt or dress, with a long skirt, and a hijab, they knew she is a Muslim. Hijab (a thing that isn’t a living thing) as a symbol could explain this woman identity without she tells us about her. She brought her culture from her features. She has a character of being a Muslim woman by wearing a hijab. There are a tradition and a lesson from their beliefs and it is their identity for wearing clothes like that, not showing their body part or even their own hair.

Indonesia, as a Muslim majority so aware of hijab and Muslim clothes. It proves by many designers from Indonesia introducing hijab (A new style of Muslim’s woman for being stylish and trendy) in fashion show stages in the world. For example, a public figure like Dian Pelangi and Dewi Sandra. Dian Pelangi becoming a blogger and keep updating her clothes (hijab and Muslim’s clothes) in her blog. She knew that how powerful is social media this lately. People know everything from the internet and social media is part of them. That is a very simple and clever way to promote and introduce her identity as Muslim’s woman (she’s also wearing a hijab) in global for instance. Even Dewi Sandra who’s known for her sexiness for the past years changed her identity with hijab as her new symbol. For what she did, she becomes an ambassador of Wardah makeup cosmetic. That is truly a change.

People have this stereotype of being Muslim or wearing a hijab. A thought Muslim is a terrorist or a very traditional woman. The truth is, they are not. A terrorist is a bunch of people who are like to take advantage of other people (in this case is Muslim) by spreading fears and terror. For the traditional woman wearing hijab though, they are not. They know how to dressing well without exposing their body part and it’s in a very clever way. And actually, they are a modern woman. For example, in US tv series Quantico there’s Amin and Nimah and also The Catch showing Princess Zara Al-Salim. Which proves how amazing Muslim woman with a hijab as a modern woman and they could break the stereotypes of them.

This lately, London’s new city mayor Sadiq Khan become a world’s trending. It wasn’t because he is great or credible, but it is because he is a Muslim. People still have this stereotype and can’t ignore the fact that Muslim is just the same as other religion. Zayn Malik, a singer and ex-band member of One Direction is a Muslim. But, they aren’t many voices to tell his tattoos or smoking part. As a Muslim, they have this obligation to keep away from something like that. It really showed how people’s mind could easily influence by stereotypes and people’s identity of their own truth paradigm.

In this era (literally a modern era), a woman with hijab can’t see it as traditional or can’t be fashionable anymore. They are living in the same world, which is they could be modern or be something, following how this world spinning. Hijab isn’t a symbol of that kind of Muslim anymore, but the Hijab is a fashion trend. World acknowledge it and it is a tiny way to promote how people could living together with harmony. From fashion (hijab), Muslim and non-Muslim could live together, since the majority of peoples loving art. Art is fashion, and that fashion is Hijab. How’re people react to it? Through the internet, which is social media as the easiest way to reach a lot of people in this world.

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