Trying 12 Main Course by Popolamama!

Hello, world!

A few weeks ago, I and my friends went to this restaurant called “Popolamama”. We don’t have any sure thing to went there and just coincidently passing the restaurant.

The browser and “All You Can Eat” promo brought us there! So there are we sitting nicely while scanning all the menu.


Yes! It was a lot of questions about which one is the favorite or which one is tasty or even which one has free something-something.

Long short story, we ordered the one with promo which are 12 meals with 6 pasta and 6 pizza! Plus ice cream dessert and an ocha tea.

This promo only valid in Popolamama Aeon Jakarta Garden City Mall, and other than that it can be used or buy.

I might say, I was a fans before and now I gained it back to become a fans of Popolamama’s pizza with banana honey cream on top (which I forget the name), but since we just dipping for promo, the pizza itself actually was pretty good and my favorite one is Cheese Honey Pizza! It got the sweet, crunchy and salty in it!


If you want to try Popolamama’s menu or hesitate with the offer, I suggest you do try! 🙂

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