10 Hours Transfer at Changi Airport!

Hello, world!

As you might notice, I’ve been going here and there on my Instagram and too many words to put into this blog. But here I am!

What are you gonna do if you have to wait at the airport for 10 hours?

Last time, I checked, I’ve been at the airport (KLIA2) for 6 hours and sitting at McDonald’s. But, 2 weeks ago I was eating, sleeping and marking my territory at Changi Airport Terminal 1.

It was a 10 hours transit at Changi from Singapore to Hongkong on September, 13th 2018. Not many restaurants are open and I’m too lazy to walk to another terminal, therefore I bought food at 7-11 which was great, cheap, and enjoyable.

One thing to remember is I haven’t check-in yet (the check-in counter isn’t open yet and not allowed), which makes me wait outside the waiting room and all you could do is sleeping outside.

Lucky me (I guess), I already brought my blanket and stuff (I already think about it), and thanks to God I’m still alive and far from hypothermia. Except, I feel so weird with my body position.

Is it weird to feel the airport is such a homey place? I mean, I do like sleeping at the airport and won’t spend a penny to the nearest hotel for just a quick rest. But, one thing I know spending a lot of time at the airport really gives me another perspective of people and stuff.

So, what will you do if you have to wait 10 hours at the airport?

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