Let’s Talk about Sex.

Here I am, writing in the middle of the night or let’s just say “spooky on witching hour”.

I rewatched this web series which you could find yourself and it’s about experience thing and led the main character to create and write on his blog. I thought I was him for a second except the stories on the blog. His was all about sex experience in New York city, while me just a random thought to write about.

Speaking of which, sex is such an intimate and personal thing to talk about, but I never ashamed to addressing the word of sex. Maybe the culture or value you’re holding on is just blatantly different. For us (Indonesian, mostly all Asian or the Middle East?), sex is a sensitive topic to discuss. I mean, as I recalled back in my school life, we never been taught of `sex ed` or even sit and talk with our own parent.

Living in this vibrant and modern world now is so much easier to learn from. All we learned about sex when in high school was about the abortion, HIV-AIDS and mostly the connection to drugs. Rather than sharing information about how to be safe, we’re taught to be not doing it at all or you’ll die. Or if you do it, you’ll get HIV and die.

At that age, we are curious about stuff. Our sex drive was getting high and true, some students getting pregnant or even make a sex tape. Sex education doesn’t mean you learn about how to have sex, but to prepare you with what would you do if you do it rather than scaring people with abortion video or an overdosed drug addict.

In the end of the day, people would have sex, children grow up as new adult.

The big question of all the time;
– Is it important to give a sex education to children? If so why?
It’s all about protection for children to know such things even they will find out sooner or later.

– Is it important to share your sex life to public? Blog or sex tape?
It’s always about sizes, self preferances, styles and how many girls/ mens they had slept with.

– Is it true, people could just do sex without feeling even seeing and sharing some phisycal connection?
It’s all about releasing the system, natural needs, and ‘just sex’ or having fun.

We never know the answers. It’s abstract and pure without any judgment. But society we lived in never gives you a chance to speak up because of ‘the rules’.

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