Hi Hong Kong! – How to be a Tourist!

Hello, world!

What is the best way to killing time in Hong Kong for the 2nd day?
Being a tourist and keep exploring!

September 14th, 2018

Between Ngong Ping 360 and Victoria Peak, I decided to go with Victoria Peak. It was a very daring decision, and motivation of waking from your bed. And also, since Nong Ping 360 was closed due to a typhoon at the time (sky cable car), Victoria Peak reach it’s finest as a winner to go.

As every tourist ever, most tourists go to the site with a tram to feel the old Hong Kong’s vibes. But for me? I go by bus, waiting at the bus stop in front of the Conrad Hotel.

Why bus?

It saving your budget except you just want to really try the tram to Victoria Peak. I mean every public transportation has the same destination and I just want to experience the Hong Kong double-decker.

What you could do at Victoria Peak is limited, but if you’re a gym rat or typically Asian tourist, you could jog around the area or just hang out at the local cafe or restaurant at the mall. And yes, the scenery of Hong Kong buildings are exceptional. In addition to that, there’s a Madame Tussauds inside the mall which you could see all the odds crafting candle into a human doppelganger.

Image may contain: Yoggi Julius Lim, smiling, sunglasses, sky, outdoor and closeup

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It was super chill at the small track at the viewing area (I name it as viewing area), because you could take nice pictures or just enjoying the vibes away from the city for a moment.

Notes: it will be nice to come in the morning or at night. Less crowded and the views are great.

After Victoria Peak, `Avenue of Stars` is the next destination to killing time for. We went there around 3 or 4 pm and it was still clean bright which leads us to make a stop first at the nearest mall.

What to do in `Avenue of Stars`?

Honest answers? I don’t know. But as a tourist, you could be enjoying the views, watching traditional boat sailing or a light show at night. One tip for the couple, the place is a nice and saving budget place to chill and hang out because I find it a little romantic with all the vibes there.

Image may contain: Yoggi Julius Lim, smiling, ocean, sky, outdoor and water

I took a lot of random pictures, and I’m glad I did it. It wasn’t full random but it was memories.

Notes: This place has a picnic vibe (minus grass) and you could pack a meal before and enjoy it with your SO!

See ya with another post!

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