Summer Story

Life at it’s finest! Early summer, middle of the year, yet not much list getting done from 2019’s resolution. Running in a circle from one end to the other end.

Between working too hard, throw the social life away and the feeling of wanting a new challenging ambient. Basically, the needs of human never filled with satisfaction. Is it a new lifestyle of modern life?


Last time I traveling was at the end of January 2019. Very short stress relieve at Bangkok and Ayutthaya. This city never bored me, and keep showing me a new side of it.

June never disappointed me, because Summer is everything even I never know what Summer is. Living in a tropical country for whole life is something amazing and yet you want the taste of four seasons.

Summer always give you the best day of relaxation. A vacation or steamy love. It’s a Pride month. Shape and masculinity competition, either at the beach, gym, park or even night club.

It hits you the most when you realized that you are very human and just human. People around you changing and so are you. Believe it or not, nothing ever be the same once you grow old. It’s part of life. When life gives you a lemon, you make lemonade!

Basically, no matter how much sweats you put out this month, Summer always gets you the best. You don’t have to wear a layer of clothes [such a budget saving], you are on a break from everything.

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