Hello, world!

It’s been a very long time writing to this blog. How’s life?

So far been good and I might say free from another pressure.

After 25 months or 2 years and 1 month working as a customer operation agent, I decided to walk out from my comfort zone and now living up my self as a blogger [again]. One thing for sure is that how could I survive with no income and being unemployed right now.

it is the same question as my friends, family, and ex-coworker. All I could say is that I want to enjoy my life first and I’ll figure out later. The truth is I have no plan like literally back up plan to get back on my feet or at least surviving from paying monthly bills and personal stuff.

Why did I decide to resign?

The main reason is that it hit me to the very low of my breaking point. Night shifting for about 1 year and 7 months following behind and lastly I don’t feel the challenging or excitement anymore when I sit and facing the screen. It’s like the same activities for over and over and over again.

It used to be thrilled with job rotating and I feel being rewarded. But it changes when I stayed in the same spot for a very long time. Like normal people, I might say it is very boring and time-wasting.

However, no matter how boring and time-wasting, I like the environment and I do like my ex-coworker. It is the very first time I feel like being accepted and less drama than my previous job. It’s been a great pleasure to know each of them in the office.

So, what’s next?

This is the question that I haven’t find the right answer yet. On one side, I still want to pursue Master degree overseas. On the other side, I would like having a working-holiday overseas and basically, I want to gamble my self and living abroad again.

As Europe is one of the biggest choices I have, the language barrier is a new concern for me. Should I learn a new language or just focus on English speaking country? Who knows?

But one thing I like to say, resignation is not a goodbye to old and current friends, co-worker and company. But I believe it is a new adventure waiting for you ahead to get exploring!

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