how to move on…

Have you ever feel in love and then break up and back at it again and break up again and it just rounding from love to enemy to love and become enemy again?

Basically, you are stuck in a cycle of ‘unhealthy relationship‘. As romantic comedy Hollywood movie type or a teen-genre novel said ‘sometimes you need to let go when you love someone so much‘ and what can I say is are you sure?

If you are simply letting go of that someone you love then why the hell in the first place you want to keep it just to hurt your feeling if you realized you’ll let go of him/ her someday. Love is not torturing yourself or him/her but respect and becoming ‘home’ to each other.

Move On is the answer…

There is a lot of suggestion about how to move on and words or acts to move on are not the answer for each people. Why?

Because there is no way people could move on in the same way with the others. So, the answer to move on or how-to is not real.

You could move on when the times have come or when you are ready to forgive yourself and the past relationship. Move on doesn’t mean you need to forget everything about the past, it is a memory and lesson. Memory and lesson will teach you to not making a mistake by the time you are in a new one.

Basically, there is no wrong and right answer because all the answer is in you and the people who love you. It is much better to lose someone you love than losing yourself from all the colors.

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