Tips and Budget! Paris Edition! pt. 1

Hello, world!

  • Amsterdam – Paris

In July 2019, I packed my suitcase and fly to Europe. It’s a birthday gift for my self for about 11 days. During my trip, I went to 4 different countries, starting in Paris. I did book a ticket to Amsterdam first and then took a train from Schipol to Paris Garde Nord.

Why I don’t just buy a direct flight to Paris?

From my point of view, to get a Schengen Visa for Indonesian the easy route is to get t from the Netherlands than France or other Europe countries, which I assume due to historical purpose. Also, because I’ll spend more stays in the Netherlands than others. But actually, you could just get a Schengen Visa from other Europe countries as long as your documents are complete and following the terms and conditions they need. 

Since it is a summer season, the train ticket to Paris is pretty much expensive and I got 65 EUR for a one-way ticket with Thalys.

Once you are landed at Schipol, you just need to go down by the escalators or stairs, since the train station is right under the Schipol Airport which is very easy to find and for train international departure or arrival is at platform 5 or 6.

  • Where to Stay

I arrived at Paris Garde Nord around 9.20 pm. The train stop at a very far walking distance to the lobby. As I arrived, my host from Couchsurfing already in the lobby waiting with his boyfriend. 

Couchsurfing is one of an important and money-wise application for a traveler (not sponsored). I am pretty lucky that my France’s host willing to hosting me for about 3 days with no single references yet. With this application, you are already saving 50% of your budget from traveling for accommodation. 

From Garde Nord, we took a Metro (underground train in Paris) to Bourg-la-Reine where my host apartment at. He is very kind, a great cook and basically, I feel safe during my time with him. 

My host apartment is in a very quiet and clean neighborhood, which is the total opposite of where I living. So, it quite a little cultural shock for me but okay. I like living in a big city and yet I could survive the chilling environment. 

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